If you are looking for a Wills and Probate lawyer in the greater Houston area, you have come to the right place. Erinn G. Brown, Attorney at Law, offers complete estate planning services backed by years of experience and knowledge. Whether you are writing a will or creating a helpful family trust we take the time to help our clients prepare for the future and secure the present legally. Here, at Erinn G. Brown, Attorney at Law, we are both committed and dedicated to seeing your family be legally protected when they need it most. We pride ourselves in listening to our clients need and desired and helping them create their legacy. Many people of all age groups and backgrounds use our expert estate planning legal services. Our law firm will provide you with a lawyer who cares about your desires and has the expertise to see the big picture and help protect you and those you love. We can save you time and money and bring you clarity and joy knowing your loved ones are being cared for even when you can’t be there. Our comprehensive services will give you the peace of mind you need. Get the facts now so you can plan for your future.


A will is a legal document that lets others know your desires when you no longer are alive or able to advocate for yourself. A will may also often be referred to as a “last will and testament.” This important document is essential in protecting the people you love and your assets in the event of your death. A will lets your voice carry on and your cherished wishes to come to life. We can help you through this legal and emotional process by making your desired documented legally so that there are no questions or concerns by others. You have the legal right to make decisions even when you are gone but you must plan ahead. We make sure your property is left to the people or organization you want. A will does more than assure you assets are taken care of. In fact, it answers those important questions that come about when tragedy or death comes unexpectedly.
Your personal will can identify a guardian to care of your children in the event of your death. It is very important that issues like this be taken care of ahead of time. Our lawyers at Erinn G. Brown, Attorney at Law have helped Greater Houston residents for nearly a decade. We make sure your desires are in written legal order. We know you want to be responsible with your personal life, finances and assets, and we know how to make it happen.

You will want to name an executor who will make sure the terms of your will are carried out the way you desire. We can help you understand the legal responsibilities this person has.
Having a legal will is an act of kindness to those you love in that it is also legal protection. It is extremely important that your will be created with an attorney who knows how to protect you and knows Texas state specific laws. Many people attempt to create their own will and take an extreme risk of a court proclaiming it as invalid. Our law firm specializes in small and large estates and will secure you assets by correctly abiding by both Texas and federal laws. Call us today to find out how we can help you establish a will and provide security for those you care for and love.


When a relative or descendent dies, you will need a probate lawyer. We take pride in helping our clients walk through this important and often sad time. Our law firm can provide you with a lawyer who will handle the legalities involved with care and precision. An attorney from our practice can help you with the administrative issues when dealing with probates (this is often referred to as a transactional lawyer). We can explain the law and bring clarity to your family and the special people affected by the death of the loved one. It is important that you have an attorney who is familiar with probate matters and yet also has extensive experience in other areas that may be affected by the situation at hand.

You may also need a probate litigator. Unfortunately, death or a loved one can cause legal questions and misinterpretations. In this case, if there is uncertainty or disagreements from family or loved ones as to who gets the estate or how a trust or will reads we will bring clarity and resolve. Situations like this are all too common and very often there are lawsuits over an estate. We are here to help you legally navigate your way through this road. Trust us as other Houston families have done for many years. Our clients know we care about the important things in life and that we are here to serve the public with honesty and integrity and that never ending Texas spirit. Call us today to set up a free consultation if you are dealing with probate matters and need help.

Estate Planning Services:

Planning solves future problems. When you take the time to look ahead and plan your future, you are showing care and love to those who mean most to you. Our estate planning service help you protect your loved ones and allow you to be proactive. Deciding now on how you want the future to look regarding your assets can solve many problems down the road.

When you are looking at planning your estate you want a law firm that you can trust. We have the experience and expertise to provide comprehensive services to help fulfill your desires and plan your future. We can walk with you from beginning to the end. We know that without proper legal planning confusion and unnecessary stress may take place. Well-meaning friends and relatives may give poor advice that is not in the best interest of you and your estate. Let our attorneys who have helped local Houston families for decades and know the laws inside and out help you. We make it easy to al carry out your wishes and desires with peace of mind. Our law firm will give you legal advice with confidence that can protect your family and your assets. We can help you create a map of your desires and wishes and make the most of your estate. Call us today to set up a time to discuss your situation and get started looking forward to a bright and secure responsible future.