Every day accidents and wrongful situations happen all across the nation. And, there is never a good time for either to take place. If you have been in an accident, recently injured or been terminated wrongfully from work and believe that someone else is liable for your situation we are here to help. Our personal injury attorney in the Greater Houston Area has the top notch expertise that you need!

Our law firm has only the best lawyers who bring experience and expertise to fight for your rights. We know that finding legal help when faced with an unwanted accident or situation is both confusing and stressful. Our job is to take the worry and stress away and instead get you the help you need.

Our confidence comes from years of expertise and working with many individuals with diverse cases. We have helped and represented hundreds of people who have been wrongfully injured or wrongfully treated. We take Texan pride in what we do and are committed to giving you firm and aggressive support. Our team work incredibly hard to get the results you deserve and need by using the law to advocate for you.

Our former clients are our greatest asset. We love helping people get what they deserve and watch justice carried out. We know that a wrongful act can be life changing and very stressful. That is why we take care of our clients and their situations very clearly. We make sure they know we are here to fight for them and stand in the gap. No case is too small or too large for our law firm to handle. You will get what you need at Erinn G. Brown, Attorney at Law.

You will find that our attorneys are trust worthy and care for your individual needs. We work hard to understand the nature of your case and are proactive in pursuing your best interest. Whether your case is litigated in the court room or settled outside of court we are committed to bringing correct closure to your case. Call us today to set up an appointment for a free consultation with one of committed team members who are dedicated to justice. We want to help you and we pride ourselves in working hard for our Houston community.

On The Job Injuries:

Each year, thousands of men and women are hurt on the job and very often the results of these injuries are life changing. Getting hurt in the workplace can cause not only pain but unnecessary pressure and stress due to lost workdays and lasting health issues. And, on top of that, injured workers often lose money when workers compensation is just not enough. We know about the red tape involved with receiving workman’s compensation and can help you get the money you rightfully deserve. Trying to travel down this journey on your own may limit you from benefits you need and deserve. It is essential that you know your rights after being hurt in the workplace and that you have an advocate who will make sure you are taken care of in a right manner.

If your injury is keeping: you from working, we are there to help. Very often a third party is held responsible for those injured while in the workplace. We know what it takes to legally navigate through this often treacherous journey. Knowing the law is what we do best and using our experienced techniques we help clients every day. Let our experience and professional care and knowledge help you both now and in the future. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Let us see how we can make sure justice prevails and that you and your family can begin healing. Call us today for a free consultation. We can explain how our process works and what we can provide for you.

Car Wreck

When you are wrongfully injured in a car wreck your world often turns upside down. And, yet, you are not alone. Each year, we represent many local Houston families who have been injured in a vehicle accident. And, we love helping them. We know that our job is to help you get your life back so you can move forward. We also know that you need a lawyer who is committed, experienced and there to protect you and those you care about. What makes Erinn G. Brown, Attorney at Law stand out is that we truly do care for our clients. We understand that your life is impacted physically, emotionally and financially after an automobile accident. And, when our clients find themselves in these often tragic situations, we make sure the law protects you and your future.

We are known in Houston for getting the job done. We bring that true Texan work ethic to the table and we don’t give up until you see results. We work hard and represent you so you can focus on your bright future. We will listen to you, fight for you and give you the results and strategy you need to make tomorrow better. Call us today to set up a free appointment to discuss your personal situation and see how we can help.