Family Law – divorces, paternity suits, custody battles, child support
When you are going through a divorce or major family issue that needs addressed legally, you need someone who can advocate for you and those you love. Family law issues are never easy and they often directly impact you, your finances, your assets and the important people in your life. Emotions are heightened and very often people make decisions without legal counsel that they end up regretting. We know that it is vital and all important that you make correct, sound decisions that will affect you both now and in the future. We know you need a law firm that can protect and shelter you during this difficult season of life. The Law practices of Erinn G. Brown, Attorney at Law offer you and your family the best family law care in the Greater Houston Area. If you are looking for a Greater Houston Lawyer who cares about your rights and can assist you with tough family law issues you have come to the right place. We bring years of experience and true Texan ethics that make our law firm stand out. We will fight for you and seek to bring a positive closure legally.
When identifying and discovering your options and family law needs, it is important you work with a lawyer you can trust who has time to understand your unique family law issues. If you want a Greater Houston Lawyer who has both character and extensive knowledge of your rights, you have come to the right place. Our experience and expertise assures our clients a safe landing when dealing with complicated family law issues.

We offer our clients extensive legal services to make their emotional journey smooth and helpful to all involved. Three words, Family Law Houston say it all. Our law firm is there to make the divorce decision process easy and as smooth as possible. We have earned our reputation in the Greater Houston Area for being honest, caring and results-oriented. Be proactive and let us help you when you need it most.

Erinn G. Brown, Attorney at Law is there for you and your family when dealing with a wide variety of family law issues. Whether you are dealing with a custody battle, a divorce, paternity suits or difficult child support case, our attorneys know how to protect you and fight for justice. We know the up’s and down’s and inn’s and out’s that can arise from these difficult circumstances. Our law firm will listen and take the time to help you walk through these often tumultuous trials step by step.

Our Greater Houston Family Law Services Include Help with:
Divorce: Bringing closure to a marriage can be extremely complicate. When facing a divorce there is a lot to understand and process. It is essential that you know and understand your rights and Texas state laws. Our law firm can help you understand your options and create a strategy that will benefit you when proceeding with a divorce. We give you the facts so you can focus on moving forward with your life. We’ll help you understand the rules of property division and help you calculate and pursue child support or alimony you deserve. We can help you divide your debt and property correctly and legally. We help you travel step by step through your divorce proceedings allowing you to look ahead and let us do what we do best. We also keep you informed. It is vital that you keep records during and after your divorce to protect yourself. You want a Greater Houston Lawyer you can trust and look to for sound truth during an emotional season such as divorce. Our law firm will give you the tools you need.

Paternity Suits: Paternity suits are very common and bring lasting peace and truth to those involved. The legal definition may often be defined as “the state of being a child’s father.” Paternity suits have a direct impact on all aspects of family law and it is vital you have a lawyer who knows the legal obligations and requirements to protect all those involved. Paternity suit cases can be both emotional and extremely difficult. And, that’s why Erinn G. Brown, Attorney at Law is committed to being there for you. You must handle these cases with care and follow the legal steps involved.

Texas laws and Family Courts have the clear authority to rule over findings when dealing with the issues of paternity suits. Our job is to help you resolve your paternity issues by offering a Greater Houston Lawyer who knows how to protect you and stand up for your rights. In order to have a successful outcome, you need to know both your responsibilities and legal rights.
Most paternity suits are resolved by collecting factual data. This is usually done and most easily resolved through a method of genetic scientific testing. Our law firm cares about fathers and has dealt extensively with paternity issues over the years. We represent men who want to uphold a relationship with a child or defend them from false allegations. We also eagerly represent women who are establishing a paternity claim in order to receive much deserved child support. Our experience gives us a cutting edge to make this process quick and smooth. We want to get you the results you deserve in an efficient manner. It is important that you have a Greater Houston Lawyer who is familiar with genetic marker evaluations and DNA analysis. There are many laws and steps that must be correctly followed to bring a happy ending for all those involved. Call our office and set up a consultation and learn how we can help you solve your paternity issue starting today.

Custody Battles: Every day, we help parents in the Greater Houston Area who are fighting to have custody of the child (ren) they love. We know that divorce impacts the entire family. Children need to be protected and provided for both during and after their parent’s divorce. Unfortunately, custody battles can often get messy and may be difficult to navigate. Erinn G. Brown, Attorney at Law can provide you an outstanding Greater Houston Lawyer who has you and your child’s best interest in mind. We are familiar with the issues involved in custody battles and can identify factors that will impact and you win your case. We love to see children in homes where they are loved and cared for. We will fight for justice and keep fighting with Texas spirit for a child’s best interest.
We can help you understand your right when dealing with custody issues and your obligations. Knowing the law and understanding it can be difficult. That is why our law firm can help you. There are important details parents must know. When traveling through a divorce, parents of children who are minors must decide on parental custody arrangements.

Child Support: Every child deserves to be taken care of. That is why our Family Law lawyers are there to make sure you get the financial help you need for your child. We make sure that those who are responsible for giving their child finances to live on live up to their obligation. Our family law attorneys have the legal skills to protect you and your child financially. We have the background, experience and care to uphold the law and help assure that you receive the child support you are entitled to. We have the legal understanding and knowledge to make sure your child is taken care of. Let us help you fight this battle legally and get you’re the results you want in a fast and non emotional manner. We get to the crux of things efficiently with strong positive results. Feel free to come in for a consultation to discuss filing for child support. We are here to help and love fighting for justice and the rights of children and their caretaker.