At Erinn G. Brown, Attorney At Law, our experience in both family law and criminal defense allows us to provide comprehensive client service in child protection cases involving allegations of abuse or neglect, family violence, drug charges or sex crimes.  Even a drunk driving case while a child is in the car can trigger a Child Protective Services investigation on grounds of endangering the safety of a minor. Contact our office to learn how you can benefit from the full range of our services for people at risk of problems with the child protection authorities in the state of Texas.

Integrating Criminal Defense Skill With Family Court Experience

Investigations initiated by the Department of Child Protective Services (CPS) can lead not only to foster care placements or termination of parental rights proceedings, but also to referrals for prosecution of such offenses as child endangerment or injury to a child.  Similarly, criminal investigations of such offenses as drunk driving, drug possession, or domestic violence can lead to Children’s Protective Services proceedings that could cause serious disruption to your family relationships.

Our law firm’s ability to intervene effectively on both the criminal and administrative sides of problems that combine aspects of law enforcement with child protection and family stability issues can represent a significant advantage for parents and children faced with legal problems from multiple sources.

We also represent people whose problems with the criminal justice system originated with indicated findings of abuse or neglect made by child protection investigators on the basis of flawed, incomplete or procedurally unsound investigative techniques. We can often challenge the indicated findings in the administrative agency where they were reported, then use the revised or reversed findings to protect our client’s interests in the criminal case.